Getting Started

ARTe is now available for Arduino IDE 1.9 Beta. ARTe has been developed to be cross-platform, so all the Arduino-supported operative systems are compatible with ARTe extension. The installation procedure relies on the standard Arduino board Manager. Open the Arduino preference window and add the following Json link in the Addition Boards Manager URLs tab.

Then open Tools > Boards > Board Manager . Type ARTe keyword in the search box, select the required version and click the install button

After installation has completed, a new architecture is available in Tools > Boards menu. Select the ARTe architecture.

Now you are able to program multitasking sketches with your Arduino! You can start experimenting with ARTe by trying some examples

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which are the currently supported boards?
A: At the moment, only Arduino Due board is supported by ARTe. Support for Arduino zero is on the way and will be available soon.

Q: Do I need to download the original Arduino Due board files in Arduino IDE to run ARTe?
A: No, it's not mandatory. Just follow the procedure described above and you are ready to run ARTe.

Q: I found some trouble running ARTe in Windows 10 PRO.
A: We have been reported of a compatibility issue in Windows 10 PRO. We are working to understand what's going on. All the other Windows versions are currently compatible with ARTe.

If you have any other question/suggestion/feedback about ARTe, please contact us. Links to our personal pages are reported in the homepage