Contributors to ARTe

ARTe has been developed by people of the Retis Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa, Italy. Over the years, many people have contributed to this project.

  • P. Buonocunto

    Project founder, first maintainer

  • F. Restuccia

    Current maintainer, ARTe core and integration, support for Board Manager in IDE

  • M. Pagani

    IDE integration, libraries support, demo

  • A. Mascitti

    Support for Arduino Uno, demo

  • M. Marinoni

    Project supervisor

  • A. Biondi

    Project supervisor

  • G. Buttazzo

    Project supervisor

  • P. Lorefice

    Arduino DUE support

  • S. Fiori

    Initial version of ARTe parser